Gorilla Tours in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park are the most host selling product that has pulled a lot of travelers including researchers, students, photographers and tourists to Uganda. More so there are so many international and local organizations that have worked towards the conservation of the gorillas in the mist.


First and foremost, the conservation credit is awarded to the late Dian Fossey who advocated a lot to the protection of these great apes in Virunga Massifs and Bwindi forest. The Dian Fossey Fund through the Gorilla Doctors and other organizations have put the medication measure of the mountain gorillas from the diseases affecting them.


Among the organizations include the Gorilla Doctors, Gorilla Fund, Africa Wildlife Foundation, Africa Wildlife Society, World Wildlife Fund, International Conservation Gorilla Programme and local ones like the E4P – Africa, newly established organization to advocate for primates and other wildlife rights.


Together with the local organizations more conservation ideas have been developed through community based tourism and the to develop these projects is educating the local communities leaving and far the parks to get involved in tourism and also have other projects to support them and at Bwindi forest farming projects are ongoing within locals.