Uganda Gorilla Tours and Cultural Experience

Uganda is a cultural melting pot with over 40 tribes and languages. This trip will bring you close to the Batwa, an indigenous tribe that is believed to be the original inhabitants of the forests in the Albertine region. On your Ugandan tours the culture and gorilla safari will offer you two prime experiences of Uganda.

Your first stop will be an experience of being face to face with the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest. The journey to the mountain gorillas is fulfilling with spectacular views of terraced hills of Kigezi. After this experience, you will visit a community to experience the life for everyday Ugandans in their community and remnants of the cultural practices.

On arrival at the airport, you are welcomed by a guide from Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, Uganda and transferred to your hotel for overnight as you look to start the journey tomorrow. Start journey on the next day to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park the home of the ‘gentle giants of Bwindi’ – the rare mountain gorillas.

This fulfilling journey takes us through the Kigezi highlands with great scenery of terraced hills. You will stop in Mbarara for lunch before proceeding to your lodge next to the impenetrable forest for great resting as you prepare for the next day’s trek.

On day three, enjoy the fullness of the impenetrable forest abounding with life, host to species of birds, butterflies, primates, and mammals. Your driver guide will transfer you to the briefing area where you will receive further instruction on your gorilla trekking experience. With help of your guide and park ranger, you will find yourself face to face with the enormous and rare mountain gorillas after walking through the forest for a while.

The trekking experience takes anything from on hour (rarely) to about 6 hours to accomplish depending on the gorilla group you have been allocated and where they nested the previous night. Suggested activities for those not interested in gorilla tracking is a community village walk or short guided forest walk.

On day four, a cultural trail is the best way to understand, appreciate, and enjoy nature through interacting with the people (communities) that co-exist with it, who contribute greatly to its conservation.

After breakfast, we shall follow one of the cultural trails by the communities co-existing with the gorillas. Be ready to learn a new skill and participate in the day-to-day lives of these people. This makes it the end to the memorable and a once life time experience.

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