Rwanda Safari Tours Holidays 2019

Rwanda is a must visit country in 2019 due to its brilliant national parks including Volcanoes national park which is famous for protecting the rare endangered Mountain gorillas thus Rwanda being one of the only three blessed countries in the whole world to inhabit the Mountain gorillas. There are many adventurous places you should visit in Rwanda in 2019 and some of them include;

Volcanoes national park; It is only two and a half hour drive from Kigali city making it the most luxury gorilla tracking Park because it is easily accessed due to its good tarmac roads which are all over Kigali city and the Park itself plus the fact that it is very near from the capital city of Rwanda (Kigali) and Kigali international airport. The Park has good and luxury accommodation for the gorilla trekkers and these include Bisate lodge, Virunga lodge, Kwitonda lodge, Mountain gorilla view lodge, Bishops house, Jack Hanna’s guest house and many others. The gorilla safaris permits in Rwanda costs US$ 1500 on usual days however the permit can be discounted if you are to visit two or more national parks in Rwanda whereby you will then have to pay US$ 1270 and also if you are to held a conference in Rwanda and at the same time you book for a gorilla tour in Volcanoes national park you can also be given a discount on the gorilla permit and you will pay US$ 1050.

Though Volcanoes national park is well recognized for gorilla tracking, but there are also other things you will enjoy while in the Park such as a sight to over 178 bird species, golden monkeys, Bush bucks, elephants, spotted hyenas, black-fronted duiker, buffaloes and many others. The Park also consists of five active volcanoes which you have a sight at them and also allow the hiking activity. These include Karisimbi which is a two days hike, Bisoke one day hike, Gahinga, Muhabura and Sabyinyo thus grabbing a great experience from the Park. You will also visit the caves in the Park plus the Dian Fossey’s tomb.

Nyungwe forest national park; if you are planning to visit Rwanda in 2019, never forget to put Nyungwe forest national park on your safari because there are many things that you should visit in the Park. The Park is most famous for the chimpanzees. A chimpanzee permit in Rwanda costs US$ 90 and chimpanzee tracking is best done in the villages of Uwinka and Banda where you will enjoy a sight to the 400 chimpanzees in the Park. The Park is found between towns of Butare and Cyangugu thus it can be accessed in one of the two towns and it is almost a 7 hours drive from Kigali city. Good tarmac roads from Kigali city reach to the Nyungwe national park thus easing the accessibility of the Park regardless of season whether dry or wet season.

The Park is made up of good and luxury shelters such as Nyungwe top view lodge and Gisakura guest house where travelers will e basing from to access the Park. The Park does not only protect chimpanzees but also protects other primates such as golden monkeys, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Vervet monkeys and many others. It is also a haven to over 275 bird species, 32 amphibians, 38 reptiles and 85 mammal species plus many others. Mountain Bigugu is also at the borders of the Park thus ideal for hiking. The Park protects 13 primate species which is 25% of Africa’s total. In Nyungwe national park you will also enjoy the Nyungwe canopy treks which cost only US$ 60 per person and the prices are all paid at the reception centre and it is recommendable for individuals above 6 years but the young ones are always escorted by the adults. Nyungwe canopy walk is a unique walk of its own in the whole of Africa is it is most wanted by each tourist who make it to Nyungwe because you will come to face various creatures in the Park face to face such as butter flies, huge tree species, monkeys, birds and many others.

Akagera national park; the Park is only two and half hour drive from Kigali city and all roads from Kigali city to the Park are good tarmac roads thus providing an easy and luxury accessibility of the Park. The Park is a haven to all five Africa’s big five which include Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards and Rhinos however the Park is also a haven to over 400 bird species, giraffes and many others. Akagera national park is made up of the Kagera River which flows its waters to the eastern boundaries of the Park thus feeding various Lakes of which the largest is Lake Ihema and a visit to Lake Ihema you will get involved in boat cruises where you will get an opportunity of seeing aquatic birds and aquatic animals such as hippos and crocodiles. The Park’s best accommodation facilities is like another attractive thing that drives many tourists to visit the Park and some of the accommodations at the Park include Akagera game lodge and Ruzizi tented lodge.

Lake Kivu; it is always suitable for a holiday where you can refresh your minds after the tiresome activities in any of Rwanda’s Parks like chimpanzee tracking, gorilla tracking and Mountain hiking. The Lake is shared between two countries (Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo) and at the Lake you will enjoy many activities from there such as the extraction of methane, fishing and you will also have a chance to engage in boat cruises thus a sight to crocodiles, hippos and aquatic birds. You will also have a sight to the tenth world’s Island (IDJWI) which is situated on Lake Kivu plus many things found there.

Giswhati forest; it is a protected forest reserve found in the North-western parts of Rwanda and it is too close to Lake Kivu. Here you will have a sight to over 58 tree species and shrubs including several indigenous hard woods and bamboo, four species of primates which include the chimpanzees, golden monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys and blue monkeys however in rumors there are stories that a five primate has ever been seen in the forest and it is known as the black and white Colobus. The forest has 20 chimpanzees, Red River hog, black fronted duiker, southern tree hyrax, the Serval and the Felis aurata. The forest reserve is also home to 84 bird species, great Lakes bush viper and the multiple chameleon species plus many more.

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