Last Minute Gorilla Trek in Uganda

It is very possible to embark on this gorilla trekking in Uganda but it comes with some challenges due to high demand! But taking advantage of this exceptional arrangement can earn you some amazing offers and discounters that come along with it for you to enjoy.

You are encouraged to secure your permits at least 2-4 months before actual date of trekking. This will save you from last minute likely disappointments when you get into Uganda and you don’t find available permits. Ensure you book permits in advance and this gives you opportunity to go on your gorilla trekking tour.

Come explore Africa’s tropical rain-forests on your gorilla tour and stand a chance to get up-close with great apes ‘mountain gorillas’ at an affordable price. Last minute gorilla safaris are possible on our 2 days gorilla safari from Kigali – Rwanda, 3 days gorilla trekking tour from Kigali. These trips start from Rwanda because it’s near to the gorilla destinations than starting it from Kampala.

Always these trips are done after your main activity for say after a meeting and you get time then you decide to use it for trekking. Once you get the chance to get the permit, proceed to either Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Wake up early with breakfast, transfer to headquarter for briefing and gorilla family allocation. Trekkers are separated into smaller groups of 8. Each group of eight track a particular gorilla family. Some gorilla families live near the park offices while others are found further away. The park guides from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, two armed rangers and porters move with each group.

The time taken tracking gorillas in Bwindi depends on the gorilla group one is assigned to. It can take only 30 minutes to locate some groups while others can take hours. A team of trackers normally go ahead of the group to identify the location of the gorilla family. They then inform the lead guide by radio call of the exact location of the gorilla family. These advance trackers know where the gorilla group built their last sleeping nests and will head to that direction.

Once you spot the family, you will be allowed only one hour with them so that they don’t start getting uncomfortable. Watching gorillas can be an extremely emotional event as gorillas behave like humans and share about 98 percent of our DNA. Take your time to observe their behaviour and different personalities while taking some great photos for your memories.

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