Bwindi Gorilla Safaris Excursions Uganda

Welcome to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park which is one of the greatest gorilla trekking safari destinations on the African continent, this is a Uganda based national park that acts as a home to over 350 individual endangered mountain gorillas. The park is ranked among those on the African continent that has remained with a true tropical thick natural forest that has enabled gorilla conservation, its located in the southwestern Uganda with its ends bordering Democratic Republic of Congo along the Virunga ranges.

The park has got around fourteen gorilla groups that are found in the four sectors of the park including Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo sectors all adjacent to one another. Within these sectors are the different groups making fourteen gorilla groups that are habituated for people trekking. Visitors who wish to trek gorillas are always advised to carry with them the following equipments including, Gumboots, Wet weather clothing, sun glasses in case, waterproof bags to protect cameras, water and snacks for eating after and during the trek.

Gorilla trekking is the main activity that is performed in the park and tracking permits costs $600 to foreigners, this is the best interesting activity within the park and if you book a safari without gorilla trekking then that’s a great mess up for sure due to the fact that Bwindi is among the oldest forests within the country. After having a nice gorilla trekking experience, visitors may go other activities including,

Cultural experience, this can be performed around Buhoma around the foothills of Bwindi; visitors take around 3-4hours of a hike touring the local handmade crafts from the local people. A hike to the neighboring Batwa community enables you to enjoy the different songs and traditional dances and these entire songs exhibit how these people used to spend their life in the forest. Meeting the local traditional doctors who treats different diseases with medicinal plants, finding how bananas are used to make local juice and beers.

Birding in the park, if you have not yet traveled to this park for a birding tour, then you are not enjoying what others enjoy. This is one of the birding destinations in Africa with over 300 bird species, including some that are endemic to the Albertine region and these makes the park unique. There are also other different bird species that can be tracked by birders including the Short-Tailed Warbler, Kivu ground Thrush, Yellow-eyed Black flycatcher, Dusky Crimson, Rusty Faced Woodland, African green pigeon, Black Bee eater, Black-billed Turaco, handsome francolin, Olive-breasted Green bul, Regal Sunbird and the Western Green tinker bird and this makes your safari an incredible one.

Hiking, this is another interesting activity done in the park, this is an amazing activity since walking around the park will lead you to a number of interesting features, you will encounter forest elephants by coincidence and other animals, walking through the tree canopies of the thick forest as you look at bush babies, black and white monkeys and the birds that are endemic to the Albertine region. Hiking will also lead you to the Batwa who are the locals who stay around the park, these will take you through their activities and how they spend their day to day life.

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