How to Choose Best Car Rental Agency Uganda

Nothing else can save other than contacting the reliable Uganda Car Hire for advice and guidance on which vehicle one should hire before going for the tour in east Africa. Despite of the fact that there are a number of car rental agencies in Uganda and the rest of the east African countries, the this helped me to enjoy my safari in Uganda. I visited their website 4×4 Car Hire Uganda and this gave me an opportunity to get my dream car for the safari.

Whether you don’t want to put a lot of miles on your family car or are flying and need transportation when you arrive, renting a car makes sense. In the spirit of family getaways as a warm-weather tradition. Because daily rental costs vary wildly based on the rental company, location and season of the year, rental rates didn’t factor into the picks. Comfort is a key requirement for any vacation vehicle. Each of these picks earned a rating of “good” or better from the testers whereby many clients have reported for the ride quality and interior noise, as well as front-seat and rear-seat comfort.

Indeed, Nature adventure Africa Safaris provides very good mileage vehicles for the different sizes and the different numbers, miles per gallon are based on the models with both manual and automatic transmissions. The day I came to Uganda I was given my Safari Cruiser I had rented and in the evening, I went to the hotel I was supposed to sleep before heading to Ziwa rhino sanctuary at Nakasongola located in the north of Kampala.

But what I liked from this company was that when the client books the vehicle of his/her choice, when he/she arrive at Entebbe, they give him/her the real vehicle as it was booked without excuses and on addition, they take the client through the tips of driving safely while in Uganda’s different parts. Surprisingly in our home country we drive while keeping right but in Uganda, the reverse is true. But this didn’t limit me from driving since am an experienced driver.

I used Bombo road which is the shortest route to Ziwa rhino sanctuary, this took me 3hours since I didn’t find jam form where I slept and even throughout Kampala and this eased my journey. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only home for the secured rhinos in Uganda with an approximate of nineteen rhinos, different bird species just to mention but a few. Specifically I was to do rhino tracking and here I was charged $45 USD since I was a non resident.

Nice to understand is, here its not a hectic activity to track the rhinos since they are the main residents of the sanctuary but this doesn’t mean that they are the only wild animals at this sanctuary, other wilds I got an opportunity to watch and take photos of the Oribi, Reed bucks, Hippos and crocodiles. I was given an experienced guide here who gave me a safe tracking as I was wondering the structure of the amazing rhinos.

Since this is a nice place to stay in, I parked my car within here and I decided to sleep in the already gazzeted Budget rooms at $15 and I stayed here for three days as I was enjoying the nature with the rhinos, but since I had to go back for work, I returned the vehicle to Nature Adventure Africa safaris limited with their spare tyres good enough I returned it without any fault but for those who need vehicles for both luxury and budget, with or without drivers, nature adventure is the custodian for all affordable car that can make you enjoy your safari as I enjoyed.

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