Book an Affordable Car Rental Safari in Uganda

Book an affordable safari in Uganda using the best car renting company known as a 4×4 car hire Uganda. The company will offer you vehicles like Prado, Super custom, Safari van, Coaster, Premio, Rav4 and Land cruiser. The company will also do all your bookings wherever you may want your safari/tour to take place from. The tour company consultant will also help to discover for you the best places for your safari according to what you will wish to see and at an affordable price.

The company will do for you everything needed for your tour to be a nice one and at an affordable price for example you may want to see a variety of African wildlife in Uganda whereby you will need to know the place which is best for that and the tour company consultant will be there to help you find that place and tell you how to access it plus booking for you a best lodge for your safari.

Therefore if you want to see a variety of wildlife species in Uganda, the best place is Kidepo valley national park and it is nicknamed as ‘’a true African Wilderness’’ due to the high number of African wildlife species it inhabits such as African elephants, lions, cheetahs, bush bucks, bush pigs, oribi, dik dik, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, leopards, monitor lizards, Nile crocodiles and many others. Almost every African wildlife species is found in Kidepo valley national park plus the Park being that it protects almost 500 bird species. The Park is also ranked as the best photogenic place in Uganda due to its brilliant and beautiful landscape and the very many wildlife and bird species it protects.

Thus for you to have a safari which will be a memorable one, you need to consult a 4×4 car hire Uganda for the provision of best vehicles which are always in the best condition for your tour in that even though many Ugandan national parks are very far from the capital city (Kampala), you will never get any delays resulting from the vehicle if at all you use a 4×4 car hire Uganda. The company will even allow you to first check and confirm that the vehicle you are taking is in the fine condition however it is advisable for you to take good care of the vehicle and you are recommended to drive carefully because if you cause any harm on it, you will be asked to pay for the damages in that the company continues with offering good services to its clients.

For the gorilla and chimpanzee trekkers, the company will also offer you a free booking if you use it for the car hiring. A gorilla permit costs US$ 600 and a chimpanzee permit costs US$ 150 whereby the company will buy the permits on your behalf if you send the money earlier before your tour. It is advisable to pay some deposit of at least 30% for all the gorilla and chimpanzee trekkers. It is also advisable to book for the tour at least three weeks earlier before your tour for the best planning of your tour and also to secure your tour with the company since there are many clients who will be dealing with the company.

On your arrival in Uganda, the company’s professional and friendly guides will be there to pick you from the airport and also after your tour they will still escort you back to the airport for the flight back to your home country. You will obtain the best and great experience ever if you use a 4×4 car hire Uganda for your safari because it is very affordable. You will also participate in almost every activity in the Park including the game drive which is the best activity done in the Park that enables tourists to view almost every animal in the Park since you own a private vehicle.

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