Welcome to Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge and the word “Ichumbi” is derived from the local Rufumbira dialect and it means ‘ a cool and comfortable home’. The lodging facility that is just 10 minutes’ walk to Rushaga gate of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a spectacular view of the park right from your room! It is designed to give you a high end comfort and relaxation to be able to enjoy your Gorilla tracking experience, go birding watching and enjoy forest life surrounded by impressive landscape.

The lodge’s Cottages

Standard Room

These are either single double, single or twin rooms depending on the occupancy. These are more accessible from the parking yard as well as the restaurant.

Robin Chat

The cottage is easily accessible from the restaurant and bar with spectacular views of the forest right from your bed.

You will be fascinated at the number of bird species that one will see while in this cottage and don’t be surprised when you are woken up by the sounds of the birds early in the morning. Birders can make their cameras and eyes busy while relaxing at the cottage balcony.


This cottage ignites privacy because it’s secluded from the other cottages and a perfect hide out for honeymooners and lovers.

The cottage is also blessed with a glorious wake up call from the melodious birds every morning since it’s close to number of flower gardens and trees not forgetting the mind blowing atmosphere and natural fresh air just outside the balcony of the cottage.